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Abe + Lillian, Kelowna

Classic Mortgage Corporation is a mortgage investment corporation I heard about from a friend. About 3 years ago we invested in Classic Mortgage Corporation, and have been impressed with the quality of loans they make, and with the security they require to protect the shareholders equity. The regular reports are informative, and give a great overview of the Corporation. With the yields on bonds these days, this investment is very reassuring. I also like the benefit of being able to purchase shares in Classic Mortgage Corporation within my RRSP.

Rob, Kelowna

My wife and I had most of our RRSP’s in mutual funds until a couple of years ago, and have now moved them to Classic Mortgage Corporation. We did this because of the volatility in the stock market, and it seemed we were not gaining much ground. The return to shareholders in Classic was very appealing, and the concept was easy to understand (financing real property with real value). We have been extremely pleased with the results of our investment in Classic, with its average return being over 11% for the years we have been involved. With the recent disaster in the world markets, we would not want to be investing anywhere else.

Lance and Jo-Anne, Drayton Valley

We started investing in Classic Mortgage Corporation in the fall of 2004. At that time our other investments were doing terrible, so we also moved them to Classic Mortgage Corporation. We both have RRSP and non-RRSP shares in Classic. Since we started investing with them, we have never received less than 10% interest per year. We have been very happy with how Classic Mortgage Corporation does business, and corresponds with us. We look forward to continuing our investments with the organization.

Tara W, Kelowna

As a business graduate and with the changing economy, I feel confident that my investment in Classic Mortgage Corporation is diversified in real estate throughout the province, while still maintaining a healthy return amongst many shareholders.

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